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This DLC requires base game SimCity.

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Release date

05 Mar 2013





About SimCity Digital Deluxe Upgrade Pack

Game description

Upgrade to the Digital Deluxe Edition for European themed City-sets! UPGRADE TO THE DIGITAL DELUXE EDITION: INCLUDES THE HEROES AND VILLAINS SET AND THE FRENCH, GERMAN AND BRITISH CITY SETS.HEROES AND VILLAINS SETPlace and upgrade the Evil Villain Lair to unleash a crime wave or create your own Super Hero HQ to keep your Sims safe. Will you order up some mayhem with the Evil Dr. Vu, or will you summon MaxisMan to combat crime and save the day?EUROPEAN CITY SETSTransform your city with the style and metropolitan charm of European city sets. Plop down famous landmarks including the Eiffel Tower, Big Ben and the Brandenburg Gate. Then, watch the surrounding architecture and even the vehicles take on a French, English or German flair. Attract tourists to your city in droves. Use your modern German high-speed rail station and British double-decker buses to transport them easily and relieve traffic problems. Add a French Police station to keep crime at bay. Soon your city will be more majestic, more profitable and safer, too.FEATURES• New charactersThe Evil Dr. Vu is on the loose, recruiting henchman to carry out his dastardly deeds. Only MaxisMan, protector of SimCity, can stand in his way to combat crime and keep your Sims safe.• Iconic landmarksJust plop the Eiffel Tower, Big Ben or the Brandenburg Gate into your city to draw tourists and transform the surrounding neighborhood.• New modes of transportationTransport your Sims with style and ease by charming British double-decker bus or sleek German high-speed rail.• More ServicesKeep your Sims safe and crime in check with an efficient French police station.• More gameplayTake on new missions and earn unique achievements.

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