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This is additional content for The Hurricane of the Varstray -Collateral hazard-.

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Release date

08 Dec 2016


Studio SiestA


About The Hurricane of the Varstray Soundtrack

Game description

It is Varsstray's original soundtrack.
This was specially made for STEAM users!
This soundtrack is a new mix and you can enjoy it with great sound quality.
It contains 28 songs used during the game and songs used for PR movies as a bonus.
You can enjoy the highest peak BGM of Japanese made shooting game which is high speed and you can feel the universe.
MP3 and high sound quality FLAC, two kinds of format are prepared.

・Sound Track List ☆彡
01 The Hurricane of the Varstray (Title01) *:ヴァルシュトレイの狂ひょう
02 Terrestrial (Maine menu) *:地球圏
03 Feeling begin (Config) *:始まりの感じ
04 Fighter jocks (Character select) *:戦闘機乗り
05 Long distance (Prologue) *:道程
06 Sally out (Stage01) *:出撃
07 Press an attack (Boss01) *:強襲
08 Serves you right (Stage clear) *:勝利の栄光
09 Into magnetosphere of Jupiter (Stage02) *:木星磁気圏へ突入
10 Real ability of ace (Stage03) *:エースの本領
11 Under the power of enemy (Boss02) *:敵勢力圏
12 Opaque coldness (Episode01) *:不透明な寒冷
13 Slight night lights (Stage04) *:わずかな夜光
14 The ravages of war (Stage05) *:戦禍
15 Recapture operation (Stage06) *:奪還作戦
16 Malicious entity (Episode02) *:悪意の実体
17 Dazzlingly beautiful universe (Stage07) *:陸離たる宇宙
18 Confused fight (Stage08) *:乱戦
19 Impossible tasks (Stage09) *:ありえないタスク
20 The Hurricane of the Varstray (Episode03) *:ヴァルシュトレイの狂ひょう-ver2-
21 Don't look back (Stage10) *:ふりむくな
22 The merciless truth (Stage11) *:無慈悲な真相
23 Farewell looming (Stage12) *:別れ
24 The awful war (Last Boss) *:凄まじい戦い
25 The hurricane of the Varstray (Ending) *:ヴァルシュトレイの狂ひょう-ver3-
26 The military (Title02) *:軍のもの
27 Profound fierce battle (Score attack) *:深遠な激しい戦い
28 Last remembrance (Ex-Last boss) *:最後の思い出
29 Best regards! (Movie track) *:宜しく!

Composer by Kondo Ina (Studio SiestA)

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