Ultima Online Advanced Character Ultima Online Advanced Character
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08 Sep 2009


Mythic Entertainment



About Ultima Online Advanced Character

Game description

Start a new Advanced Character! Want to start a new character, but don’t want to go through all the trouble of training up new skills? Start a new Advanced Character! It could save you weeks of time and effort. If you’ve all ready built up a character or two, and you want to save some time with your next one, starting with an advanced character is a great idea.See below for the kind of characters that are available... This program is available on all shards EXCEPT for Siege Perilous and Mugen. You can only use the Advanced Character Token on a character with less than 200 total skill points. If you try and use the token on a character with more than 200 skills points there will be no refunds. You CAN trade the advanced character token to another player or put it on a vender and sell it for in-game gold. To get your Advanced Character Code, follow these steps: 1. Start the game, CREATE A NEW CHARACTER, and enter the game world with that character. This is the character that will be transformed into an advance character. 2. Open your paperdoll (or character window) and click on the Help button. 3. Click the "Claim Promotional Item" button at the top of the Help window. 4. Enter your Advanced Character Code EXACTLY as it appears when it is emailed to you. 5. Your code will be verified and if valid, an Advanced Character Token will be placed in your inventory bag.6. Click on the token and you’ll be given a choice between all the advanced character templates. Select the one you want and your character will be transformed.

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