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Release date

08 Sep 2009




About Ultima Online Gothic Theme Pack

Game description

Do you yearn for days past... Do you yearn for days past, the sound of a practice weapon hitting a sand filled bag? Do your rites and rituals seem as if they are a bit played out, and that your poor gnarled fingers can no longer muster the dexterity to make the needed gestures for recalling to and from the bank? Well friend, we’re here to put your worries at an end, with the new Gothic Pack! Decorate your mausoleum, chapel, or sanctum with pristine stained glass, and aid your less skilled brethren with more advanced training dummies. Use your new chest to avoid those long trips to the bank, and marvel at the penetrating gaze of your gargoyle statues on whatever... or whomever you may have on your ritual table. Features:•   Gothic wall tiles - Gothic Wall Tiles is a new wall set in the house customization tool. •   Advanced Training Dummy - Advanced Training Dummy that will train multiple skills to 60. •   Chest of Sending - The Chest of Sending allows you to send your extra items you do not want in your house to your bank without ever leaving your house. •   Ritual Table - The Ritual Table is a new craftable to decorate that special place in your home. •   Gargoyle Statues - The Gargoyle States are other craftables from stone, there are 2 varieties to choose from, makes a great lawn gnome. •   Commodity and Pet Broker EncampmentsRedemption:To redeem your Gothic Theme pack code log into account management https://accounts.eamythic.com/. Log into your Origin Account and use the current account drop down to pick an account to apply the code to. Activate the key and enter the code in the correct box and enjoy your gaming.

System requirements

Requirements for this DLC are unavailable.

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