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This DLC requires base game Visual Novel Maker.

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Release date

09 Jan 2020



About Visual Novel Maker - Japanese Anime Voices:Male Character Series Vol.1

Game description

Give your male Japanese characters a voice to be heard with Japanese Anime Voices:Male Character Series Vol.1 from TK Projects!

Bring your anime characters to life with these common, everyday vocal phrases for Starting, Victory, Choices, Runaway, Fight, Unable to Fight, Damage, and many, many more!


* 126 Japanese animation-like male voices (phrases)
* OGG, M4A formats included
* Male voices (in Japanese phrases) for Visual Novel Games, RPG and much more!
* English translation list-file included
* For use in Visual Novel Maker or the engine of your choice!


1. 001_Start1.wav いくぞ Let's go
2. 002_Start2.wav 油断するなよ Don't let your guard down
3. 003_Victory1.wav ふっ...こんなもんだ Heh... well there you go
4. 004_Victory2.wav やれやれ、終わったか... Oh boy, finally that's over...
5. 005_Follow1.wav いいだろう Sure
6. 006_Follow2.wav まかせろ Leave it to me
7. 007_Choice1.wav どうする? What do you want to do?
8. 008_Choice2.wav 指示をくれ Tell me what to do
9. 009_Runaway1.wav 撤収だ。逃げるぞ Retreat. We're getting out of here
10. 010_Runaway2.wav よし、逃げよう Okay, let's get out of here
11. 011_Tool use1.wav これを使うぞ Use this
12. 012_Tool use2.wav よし...っと Okay, then...
13. 013_Healthy turn1.wav よし... Alright...
14. 014_Healthy turn2.wav さて... Now then...
15. 015_Dying turn1.wav ぐぅ...まだまだ... Ngh... not yet...
16. 016_Dying turn2.wav うぐ...まずいな... Ugh... this is bad...
17. 017_Abnormal state turn1.wav ぐむむ... Argh... mmm...
18. 018_Abnormal state turn2.wav チッ...厄介な... Tsk... now we're in trouble...
19. 019_Unable to fight1.wav ぐっ...くそっ...たれ... Ngh... Damn...
20. 020_Unable to fight2.wav ぐうう...ちくしょう... Arghh... shit...
21. 021_Damage1.wav ぐっ Ugh
22. 022_Damage2.wav ぐはっ Agh
23. 023_Damage3.wav チッ Tsk
24. 024_Damage4.wav うぐっ...ふん... Ughh...
25. 025_Damage5.wav つっ Ow
26. 026_Large damage1.wav ぐああ! Aaghh!
27. 027_Large damage2.wav ぐうっ! Arghh!
28. 028_Large damage3.wav がああ! Wahh!
29. 029_Large damage4.wav いってええ! That hurts!
30. 030_Large damage5.wav ぐはあっ! Haagh!
31. 031_No damage1.wav フッ無駄だ Hmph, that's not going to work
32. 032_No damage2.wav その程度か Is that all you've got?
33. 033_Weak attack1.wav ふっ Hmph
34. 034_Weak attack2.wav ほっ Woof
35. 035_Weak attack3.wav はっ Ha
36. 036_Weak attack4.wav そらっ C'mon
37. 037_Weak attack5.wav よっ Yo
38. 038_Medium attack1.wav ふんっ! Oomph!
39. 039_Medium attack2.wav はぁっ! Haah!
40. 040_Medium attack3.wav おらぁ! Hey!
41. 041_Medium attack4.wav このっ...! Why you...!
42. 042_Medium attack5.wav そらぁ! Yeah!
43. 043_Strong attack1.wav いくぞおお! Here we go!
44. 044_Strong attack2.wav おらあああ! Alright!
45. 045_Strong attack3.wav こんのおお! Damn you!
46. 046_Strong attack4.wav くらいやがれえ! Take that!
47. 047_Strong attack5.wav はあああ! Haaaah!
48. 048_Recover1.wav 大丈夫か! Are you alright??
49. 049_Recover2.wav いま助けるぞ! I'll help you!
50. 050_Recover3.wav フッ感謝しろよ? Hey, don't forget to thank me, okay?
51. 051_Ok1.wav あぁ Yeah
52. 052_Ok2.wav うん Uh huh
53. 053_Ok3.wav いいぞ Sure
54. 054_Deny1.wav いや、 Well
55. 055_Deny2.wav んん... Uhh...
56. 056_Deny3.wav やめろ。 Stop it
57. 057_Aha1.wav あー Ah...
58. 058_Aha2.wav ほう Oh
59. 059_Aha3.wav ふーん Hmm
60. 060_Reply1.wav なんだ? What?
61. 061_Reply2.wav んん? Hm?
62. 062_Reply3.wav おう。 Oh yeah
63. 063_Discover1.wav ん? Huh?
64. 064_Discover2.wav おぉ? Ohh?
65. 065_Discover3.wav むむ Mmm
66. 066_Thinking1.wav ふむ... Hmm...
67. 067_Thinking2.wav んー... Well...
68. 068_Thinking3.wav んー? Well...?
69. 069_Thinking4.wav あー...? Ahh...?
70. 070_Suspicious1.wav んん...? Hmm...?
71. 071_Suspicious2.wav なんだ...? What...?
72. 072_Joy1.wav フッ! Heh heh!
73. 073_Joy2.wav あぁ! Ahh!
74. 074_Joy3.wav っし! Yeah!
75. 075_Anger1.wav ん”ん”... Harumph...
76. 076_Anger2.wav あぁ...? Wha...?
77. 077_Feel down1.wav くっ... Ngh...
78. 078_Feel down2.wav うう... Ohh...
79. 079_Shyness1.wav えっあっ Huh, what?
80. 080_Shyness2.wav ギャー! Aggh!
81. 081_Satisfaction1.wav よし... Okay...
82. 082_Satisfaction2.wav フッフーン Uh huh
83. 083_Shy1.wav う、うう... Uh, uhh...
84. 084_Shy2.wav い、いや...! Well, no...!
85. 085_Surprise1.wav なんだ!? What the hell!?
86. 086_Surprise2.wav んん!? Huhh!?
87. 087_Laugh1.wav フッ... Heh...
88. 088_Laugh2.wav ハッハッハ! Ha ha ha!
89. 089_Bitter smile1.wav ふ、ふ... Heh, heh...
90. 090_Bitter smile2.wav はは、は... Ha ha, ha...
91. 091_Grin1.wav ほーう? Ohhh?
92. 092_Grin2.wav ふーん? Hmmm?
93. 093_Weep1.wav ぐっ...うっ... Sob... sob...
94. 094_Weep2.wav んぐぅ... Nghh... ugh...
95. 095_Thank you1.wav ありがとう Thank you
96. 096_Thank you2.wav 感謝しよう I'm grateful
97. 097_Praise1.wav ほう... Oh ho...
98. 098_Praise2.wav えらいね That's amazing!
99. 099_Apologize1.wav すまん Sorry
100. 100_Apologize2.wav ふつすまん Uh, sorry
101. 101_Amazed1.wav やれやれ... Oh boy...
102. 102_Amazed2.wav はぁ~... Sigh...
103. 103_Abuse1.wav バカが You idiot
104. 104_Abuse2.wav ハッ! Ha!
105. 105_Request1.wav 頼む Please
106. 106_Request2.wav いいか? Okay?
107. 107_Hello1.wav おう。 Hey
108. 108_Hello2.wav よっ Yo
109. 109_Call1.wav おーい Yoooo
110. 110_Call2.wav ちょっといいか? Hey, got a second?
111. 111_Call strongly1.wav おい! Hey!
112. 112_Call strongly2.wav まてよ! Wait!
113. 113_Watch out1.wav っ!!! Agh!!!
114. 114_Watch out2.wav 避けろ! Out of the way!
115. 115_Hold1.wav ふっ Hmph!
116. 116_Hold2.wav んっ Oof!
117. 117_Hand over1.wav ほら Here you go
118. 118_Hand over2.wav やるよ Take this
119. 119_Get shocked1.wav はっ...? Huh...?
120. 120_Get shocked2.wav えっ...?
121. 121_Good bye1.wav またな See ya
122. 122_Good bye2.wav じゃあな Later
123. 123_growth_Enhanced1.wav おぉ...! Ahh...!
124. 124_growth_Enhanced2.wav よし...! Okay...!
125. 125_growth_Level up1.wav 力がみなぎる...! I can feel the power...!
126. 126_growth_Level up2.wav まだ強くなれる...! I can get even stronger...!

System requirements

  • Additional Notes: System supporting VN Maker
  • Additional Notes: System supporting VN Maker
  • Additional Notes: System supporting VN Maker

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