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Buy World of Warcraft: Transmogs - Baby Murloc Satch-Shells PC


This DLC requires base game World of Warcraft.

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Release date

18 Nov 2021




About World of Warcraft: Transmogs - Baby Murloc Satch-Shells

Game description

A perfect shell-ter
Before murloc tadpoles are ready to come out of their shells, they’ll join you to learn about the world from atop your shoulders. Carry them gently in a Baby Murloc Satch-Shell, a back-slot transmog item coming in 3 color variants, each belonging to a different baby murloc inhabitant.

Protect your new friends
Satch-Shells will be ready to carry home immediately after purchasing, allowing you to keep these three baby murlocs safe in their eggcelent, portable homes. When you enter combat, the baby murlocs will retreat to their shells!

Includes three color variants
Baby Murloc Satch-Shells come in three color variants. The red shell belongs to baby murloc Flrrgl, the blue one to Mrrgl, and the green one protects little Grrgl. Choose which one will be accompanying you on your adventures and swap them as often as you like.

Shared across character
Once activated, your purchase will be applied to present and future World of Warcraft characters on a single regional Battle.net account. Transmogrification items will appear in each character’s Collections and Transmogrify Interfaces. Update your look by visiting a Transmogrifier in any major faction city; standard in-game gold cost applies.

System requirements

Requirements for this DLC are unavailable.

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