Epic free games leak - 18th May game is likely Death Stranding

By Furrek
Epic free games leak - 18th May game is likely Death Stranding
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There are some solid clues that this might be it.

UPDATE 18.05: As expected, Death Stranding is now available for free on the Epic Games Store. You have exactly one week to grab it.

One of Epic Games Store's most exciting yearly events is just around the corner. For those who don't know, the Epic MEGA Sale kicks off in less than 48 hours, and in addition to massive discounts and a brand new Epic Coupon, we'll be able to claim some fantastic games for free.

In the past, Grand Theft Auto 5, Borderlands 3, and a few more hits have been given away in the MEGA events. There is no doubt that Epic Games could give us something great. And we may have just cracked the first giveaway in this year's event.

Epic mystery game leak - 18 May 2023

Last week, the following video was posted on the official EGS Twitter:

Short videos full of clues were also provided for previous events. This one doesn't seem too hard to crack with so many distinctive symbols. You can take a look at all of them right here:

Five of them hint that one of the two mystery freebies might be Death Stranding or maybe even Death Stranding Director's Cut.

In comparison, The Highway, Case, Antena, Whale, and Dogtags icons fit the game perfectly, and you can see them in the following screenshots. Click on them to see them in full resolution:

Death Stranding was already given away on the Epic Games Store during the holiday event. If you missed this title, you will have another chance to grab it. There is no telling which version of the game will be up for grabs. Perhaps those who have the standard version will be able to upgrade it.

Keep in mind that it's just one of the mystery games we'll be getting. As we wrote some time ago, the number of Epic MEGA Sale freebies will double, and instead of getting one game each week, we will get two.

Will EGS start one of its biggest sales with a free Death Stranding offer? What do you expect the second game to be? Let us know what you think in the comments section.

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