Epic Games Store's upcoming free game: Unrailed!

By Furrek
Epic Games Store's upcoming free game: Unrailed!
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A very chaotic railroad construction title will be the next freebie from Epic.

Epic Games Store has revealed the game for next week's giveaway. Unrailed! is going to be free of charge starting August 3th. It's most fun when you play it with your family and friends in co-op!

Unrailed seems like an easy game at first. Here, the goal is only one - build tracks across endless procedurally generated worlds and make sure to keep your train from derailing. However, building tracks might not be easy when you need to gather resources, craft the pieces, and then set them on the map. Add unfavorable terrain or residents of an area who will not always be friendly to the mix, and we have chaos ready!

If it sounds like fun, and you would love to play Unrailed! for free, follow our Epic Store free games section. This way, you can be sure you won't miss the upcoming giveaway!

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