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Epic Games Store's upcoming freebies: Fort Triumph and RPG in a Box

By Furrek
Epic Games Store's upcoming freebies: Fort Triumph and RPG in a Box

EGS reveals what games will be given away next week.

There weren't any leaks this time, so we had to wait for the official information on the upcoming freebies. Finally, we know that Epic Games Store intends to give away a strategy game called Fort Triumph and RPG in a Box, a game development software.

Fort Triumph is a game that blends the world exploration known from the Heroes of Might and Magic series with the turn-based combat of the XCOM franchise. Sounds intriguing, doesn't it? You will lead a band of heroes on a grand adventure in the fantasy world. The game is currently cheap in many digital stores, but if you are patient enough to wait a week, you will be able to snag it for free!

RPG in a Box did not make it into this week's freebies, despite leaked information we had written about a while ago. However, it wasn't entirely incorrect, as Epic Games just moved the release to another time, which happens to be next week. RPG in a Box is a game development app that lets you easily create your own PC titles and interactive experiences.

Stay tuned with our Epic Store free games section if you don't want to miss any time-limited freebies. This section will keep you up to date on all current Epic giveaways! 

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