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FREE 7-Day Uplay+ Trial

FREE 7-Day Uplay+ Trial

FREE 7-Day Uplay+ Trial
Oops... Unfortunately, this offer is now expired. But, don't worry! There are more exciting news for you to discover! Browse news

New and returning subscribers can begin a 7 day trial of Ubisoft subscription service for FREE!

Between 07.07.2020 and 07.27.2020, new and returning subscribers can begin one free Uplay+ trial per Ubisoft Account. During free trial you can access more than 100 PC games: including new releases, along with their DLCs and expansions.

To start a free trial just visit Uplay+ page on Ubisoft Store and press "TRY FOR FREE" button. You need to provide a valid credit or debit card to begin free trial.

After 7 days of free trial, the subscription will automatically renew and you will be charged full price. If you want to avoid that, you can cancel your membership before the end of trial period.

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