FREE Gears 5 (Xbox Play Anywhere)

By remike
FREE Gears 5 (Xbox Play Anywhere)
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This works only if you're NOT subscribed to Xbox Game Pass!

There is a trick that allows you to claim a FREE copy of Gears 5 and assign it permanently to your Microsoft Account (via Xbox app). You will be able to play the game on your PC as it supports Xbox Play Anywhere feature. To secure your copy, follow all steps in the tutorial below.

How to get Gears 5 for free

Step 1 - Download and Install the following two applications:

Step 2 - Open the Xbox app you've just downloaded and sign in using your Microsoft account. If you've also installed the Insider's Hub, there will be a shortcut to this application on the left side of the Xbox app (next to the "bell" icon)

Step 3 - Click on the Xbox Insider Program icon and sign up to the program.

Step 4 - join the Xbox Accessibility Insider League (look for it in the "previews" section)

Step 5 - Search for "XAIL Gears 5 Accessibility" and add Gears 5 free of charge to your Microsoft account.

Once you completed all the steps, Gears 5 should be permanently assigned to your Microsoft account. You can now leave all the insider programmes, but the game will remain in your library.

Note: the following tutorial will NOT work if you're currently subscribed to Xbox Game Pass!


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