FREE month of Fallout 1st membership for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate users

By kasumi
FREE month of Fallout 1st membership for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate users
Oops... Unfortunately, this offer is now expired. But, don't worry! There are more exciting news for you to discover! Browse news

Even more amazing perks for the XGP Ultimate subscribers!

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate users can claim a whole month of free Fallout 1st DLC for Fallout 76. You can assign the package to your account from the "Benefits" tab. Remember that the base version of Fallout 76 is available to all XGPU subscribers!

Fallout 1st is a subscription-based add-on for Fallout 76, which offers numerous benefits. For example, Custom Worlds (servers) for you and your friends to enjoy, unlimited storage for crafting components, 1,650 Atoms per month to use in the Atomic Shop, and more! 

Better do it now before you forget. The offer is valid until October 24, 2022.

How to get Xbox Game Pass Ultimate cheap?

You can benefit from the $1 offer for the first month of Game Pass Ultimate if you've never been subscribed to the service. For those who want to play for longer, you can compare prices for XGPU codes below. We also strongly advise reading our manual on getting a cheap Xbox Game Pass Ultimate in 2022.

How to get free Fallout 76: The Pitt?

The offer hasn't piqued your interest, but you'd still like to roam in post-nuclear America? We'd like to remind you that Amazon Prime subscribers already have access to the Prime Gaming October 2022 games. This month you can get great titles, including a free Fallout 76! You can claim the game in the form of the Microsoft Store code. The new subscribers can get a free subscription for their first 30 days!

What do you think of this promo? Would you join the game if you had a free month of Fallout 1st? Join the discussion in the comment section below!

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