FREE Pathfinder Kingmaker on Epic Games Store

By mkmike
FREE Pathfinder Kingmaker on Epic Games Store
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Experience tabletop quality on your PC!

The newest Christmas giveaway on Epic Games Store features Pathfinder Kingmaker. It’s an isometric RPG that translates the well-known tabletop Pathfinder to the world of video games.
Customize your character with a wide range of classes and powers including specialized archetypes, powerful arcane and divine spells and set off on a classic role-playing adventure!

Pathfinder Kingmaker giveaway on Epic Games Store

To get your Pathfinder Kingmaker free game, go to this Epic Games Store page, press the "GET" button and confirm your order. Once you’ve done this, your freebie will stay in your Epic Games Library forever!

You can claim Pathfinder Kingmaker for free for the next 24 hours, then a new giveaway will start. Enjoy and stay tuned for the next freebie!

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