FREE Potion Commotion Fanbook on Steam

By Furrek
FREE Potion Commotion Fanbook on Steam
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For a limited time you can add this DLC to your Steam library!

Potion Commotion is a free to play idle clicker game, in which you are in charge of making potions for the eccentric Wizard. Until January 13th, all Steam users are able to claim the additional content to use in-game for their accounts, free of charge. Potion Commotion Fanbook DLC grants the following content for players:

  • 250 in-game tokens
  • 3x Daily bonus tokens
  • Golden Wogglebogg Costume
  • Fanbook with various information about in-game characters, trivia, and more about Potion Commotion

To get your Potion Commotion DLC for free, go to this Steam store page and press "Add to Account" button.

You need to own Potion Commotion on Steam to add this downloadable content to your account. Enjoy!

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