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FREE Trials Rising

FREE Trials Rising

FREE Trials Rising
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Trials Rising is FREE for a limited time!

Trials Rising giveaway is today's gift from Ubisoft during Happy Holidays event. For the next 24 hours, everyone can get a free copy of Trials Rising! To get the full version of this game follow the instruction posted below.

How to get Trials Rising for free:

To get Trials Rising free of charge and keep it forever, you need to visit this Ubisoft giveaway page, press "PC" button and login with your Ubisoft account. Once you claim your free game, Trials Rising will be available on your Uplay (Ubisoft Connect) library.

Ubisoft account is required to claim Trials Rising. This freebie is valid until December 18, 2020.

More Uplay free games or in-game items will be coming every day until December 19, 2020 (source). Enjoy!

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