Free Weekend - Disgaea 4 Complete+, RESIDENT EVIL RESISTANCE

Free Weekend - Disgaea 4 Complete+, RESIDENT EVIL RESISTANCE
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Two games are free to play this weekend on Steam!

This weekend there are two different games available free to play on Steam: Disgaea 4 Complete+, a very popular strategy role-playing game, and RESIDENT EVIL RESISTANCE, an online multiplayer game set in the Resident Evil universe. You can try these games for free before deciding on the purchase!

Play Disgaea 4 Complete+ for free (December 17-21 2020)

To dive into a tale of revolution and redemption in Disgaea 4 Complete+ for free, visit this store page on Steam and press "Play Game" button.

You need to make a purchase in order to be able to play Disgaea 4 Complete+ after free to play period of time. The progress you will make during free week trial will move to the full version of game.

Play RESIDENT EVIL RESISTANCE for free (December 17-21 2020)

To become the survivor and fight against a sinister mastermind in RESIDENT EVIL RESISTANCE and enjoy the free to play time of game, go to this store page on Steam and press "Play Game" button.

To continue your survival after a free to play period of time, you need to buy Resident Evil 3 (Resident Evil Resistance is a part of the game).

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