Free Weekend on Steam - Battlefield 2042 and ARK: Survival Evolved

By Furrek
Free Weekend on Steam - Battlefield 2042 and ARK: Survival Evolved
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An all-out warfare or survival on a mysterious island - which one will you choose this weekend?

Battlefield 2042, a new game in the iconic series of first-person shooters and ARK: Survival Evolved, a survival game with prehistoric creatures, are this week's free to play titles on Steam. You can play these games for the next 4 days for free!

Battlefield 2042 free weekend (December 16-20, 2021)

To enter battlegrounds supporting up to 128 players, you need to visit this Steam page and press "Play Button". Now you can play Battlefield 2042 for free!

You need to make a purchase in order to continue playing Battlefield 2042 after the free to play period ends. You can find the best offers for the game in the following stores:

Play ARK: Survival Evolved free of charge (December 16-20, 2021)

To discover and explore the mysterious island, go to this store page on Steam and start your ARK Survival Evolved free weekend. Now you can enjoy your quest for ultimate survival, at least for the weekend.

If you want to continue playing ARK: Survival Evolved after the free to play period, you need to make a purchase. These are currently the best offers you can find among digital stores and keyshops:

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