Free Weekend on Steam - Conan Exiles and Golf Gang

By Furrek
Free Weekend on Steam - Conan Exiles and Golf Gang
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This week there is something for both hardcore and casual players!

Steam is offering its users two titles to play over the coming weekend. One is an online survival game set in the world of Conan the Barbarian, and the other is a fast-paced minigolf title.

Play Conan Exiles for free on Steam (September 1-8, 2022)

Exploring the massive world that this title offers for only a weekend would surely leave many players hungry for more. That's why the developers have made it an entire seven days of fun!

Recently, the game got the most extensive update since launch, adding sorcery, rituals, attributes, and a new building interface. And that's not even the complete list of changes! If you ever played it during a previous trial period, it might be worth giving it another shot.

To enter the vast open-world sandbox game, visit this store page on Steam and click the "Play Game" button. After doing so, you can download the title from your library and start your Conan Exile free trial!

Feel like extending your visit to the fantasy world? To enjoy Conan Exiles once the free period ends, you have to buy it. Here you can find the best offers from dozens of digital stores:

Play Golf Gang for free on Steam (September 1-5, 2022)

The second freebie available for a limited time, Golf Gang, is also a title that will be most fun to play with other players. The game is a blend of minigolf and racing, which makes for an extremely fun experience!

To start playing, visit the following Steam store page. After downloading the title you are ready to start your free weekend!

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