Guild Wars 2 Steam release scheduled for 23 August 2022!

By Furrek
Guild Wars 2 Steam release scheduled for 23 August 2022!

The game that redefined the MMORPG genre comes to Valve's platform next week!

Steam users who enjoy MMOs have a reason to celebrate! ArenaNet has announced today that their most successful MMORPG, Guild Wars 2, will launch on Steam on August 23.

Guild Wars 2 is an award-winning title that you can play for free. It takes place in the fantasy world, many years after the events in the Eye of the North expansion from the first part of the series. Like many modern games from the genre, its main features are fast-paced action combat, deep character customization, and a massive selection of PVE and PVP activities.

Steam users will get free access to the core game's content, with the same constraints applied to free ArenaNet accounts. The game's free version allows you to have two characters at once, restricts the in-game mail system to messages to mutual friends only, and limits the use of the currency exchange system and trading post. It's worth mentioning that you won't be able to log into it with your existing ArenaNet account. 

From launch day on Steam, it will be possible to lift the restrictions by purchasing one of the following add-ons: Heart of Thorns, Path of Fire, End of Dragons, and Living World Season 2 through 5. You can also upgrade your account using gems, the in-game currency acquired with real money.

This year marks the 10th anniversary of Guild Wars 2. Besides its special launch on Valve's platform, there will be a lot of activities to celebrate the occasion. Complete in-game tasks to earn a new Decade armor set. Watch your favorite streamers on Twitch to receive Transmutation Charges, boosters, or even a classic GW2 character outfit! You can read more about the upcoming events here.

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