Play Hearts of Iron 4 for free on Steam until September 30

By Furrek
Play Hearts of Iron 4 for free on Steam until September 30
Oops... Unfortunately, this offer is now expired. But, don't worry! There are more exciting news for you to discover! Browse news

Experience the most engaging conflict in world history, World War II, as a leader.

If you have extra time this week, you can participate in the Hearts of Iron IV free trial! For a limited time, all Steam users can download and enjoy the game at no additional cost.

Hearts of Iron IV is a grand strategy PC title developed by Paradox Interactive. The fourth main installment in the HoI series focuses on World War II, just like other titles in the franchise. Take control of any nation between 1936 and 1939 and relive or change the world's history.

Go to the following page on Steam and press the "Play Game" button to start your HoI4 free week. Once the download process is finished, you can enjoy the game's base content to the fullest.

After the free-to-play period, you must buy the game to continue leading your nation. Here are some of the best offers:

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