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[UPDATE] FREE GTA V on Epic Games Store today 5PM CET!

[UPDATE] FREE GTA V on Epic Games Store today 5PM CET!

[UPDATE] FREE GTA V on Epic Games Store today 5PM CET!
Oops... Unfortunately, this offer is now expired. But, don't worry! There are more exciting news for you to discover! Browse news

Hold on tight! It looks like the mystery freebie teased by Epic Games is actually... Grand Theft Auto V!

Update: The leaked Twitter ad confirms that GTA V will be available for free on Epic Games Store today!


The news about free GTA V on Epic Games Store has been published on the largest Polish gaming news portal, Gry-online claims that they have a very credible source that they can't reveal.

Furthermore, free Grand Theft Auto V will be the Premium Edition of the game. The edition includes:

  • Grand Theft Auto V 
  • Grand Theft Auto V Criminal Enterprise Starter Pack (Grand Theft Auto Online content valued at over GTA$10,000,000)

As always - if you claim the freebie before the deal expires, it will stay in your library forever.

Epic Games Store has been really mysterious about the upcoming free game. It is impossible to work out the game title from the teaser image.

Is it really going to be GTA V? Is the giveaway related to an announcement of the new game in the series? Or perhaps just a way to increase number of GTA Online players? We will find out tomorrow at 17:00 CET!

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