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About 烈火传奇

Game description

The micro-variant class of retro legends, all equipment can be dropped from monsters. In addition to the traditional playing method of fighting monsters to drop equipment and grabbing sand cities, there is also a unique title system, fashion system and wing system that can make you stand out. The novelty of the special gameplay will make you play every day to your heart's content.

◆Multiple copies◆
[Primary Treasure Hunting] The classic seventh floor of the Pig Cave, the eighth floor of the Pig Cave, the Peach Garden, and the Phantom Realm
[Realm of Green Cloud] Intermediate level copy, level 100 to enter
The world of Qixia】level 115 to enter, will drop intermediate equipment
Blood River Realm】Advanced copy, level 130 to enter, will produce advanced equipment
[Primordial Continent] Super copy, can only be entered at level 150 +15 turns, drops artifact level equipment
[Land of Ascension] Top copy, level 200 + 20 turns to enter, drops super artifact level equipment
[Western Mythology] New continent, new equipment

◆Featured Systems◆
[Strengthening Star] Each time you successfully add a star, it will increase the equipment attributes by 10 points
Equipment Increase】Increase the attack percentage of weapons and increase the defense percentage of clothes
Title System】Upgrade the title system by obtaining the title certificate, not only can you get powerful attributes but also the characteristic title display
[Transmutation System] After transmutation, you can get a divine power multiplier and increase the damage of fighting monsters
Body of Gods and Demons】Increased individual attributes and special titles
[Hat and Body Guard] Upgrade your hat and body guard by dropping Terra God Stones to gain great combat power

◆Featured Activities◆
The new area will be opened after 30 minutes, and a lot of materials and rechargeable currency will be dropped in the activity map.
The new area is exclusive to the welfare map, refreshing a large number of top monsters, the explosion rate is very high
[Daily Cool Run] held once every 2 hours, you can get a lot of resources
The title system can be upgraded by obtaining the title certificate, which not only can get powerful attributes but also characteristic title display
The world BOSS] 3 hours to refresh a, will definitely drop yuan treasure, a chance to drop the strongest equipment in the service
The new area will be opened after 24 hours, and all monsters in the city will be refreshed.

System requirements

  • OS: Windows XP/Windows 8/Windows 10
  • Processor: I3
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Network: Broadband Internet connection
  • Storage: 1 GB available space

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