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About 决战沙邑-正版

Game description

Genuine authorization, restore the characteristics of the retro legend, subvert the traditional experience, feel the thrill of operating three professions while fighting. Classic legendary hang-up version, let you free your hands at the same time, and brothers side by side conquest of Shabak City, in the Marfa continent to relive the old dream! Automatic combat, offline hang-ups, fighting monsters non-stop, unlimited growth!

◆Multiple occupations◆
[Three heroes to choose from] The classic warrior, daoist, mage three professions to choose from
[Multi-hero configuration] With the level up, players can create up to three occupations and carry out the battle at the same time, no more regrets!

◆Classic gameplay◆
The first thing that you can do is to get a lot of experience and materials by fighting one level after another.
Bounty BOSS】After receiving the bounty task, enter the copy and kill the BOSS, you can get the fragment of the divine beast and the soul
[Relieve Prisoners] The traditional escort game, you can get a lot of achievement points and dragon ball fragments
【Challenge Ladder】You can get the treasure chest of heart and soul
Locked Demon Tower】Break through the locked demon tower, you can get a lot of battle patterns
[Learn from the master] Find a master or apprentice in the game, we grow together, but also get more rewards

◆Limited-time activities◆
【Main City BOSS】Kill a certain number of play in other districts on the cross-service battlefield, you can summon the BOSS with a large number of treasure chests in the main city
[Guard Blue Moon City] Blue Moon Legend classic gameplay, small monsters drop yuan treasure, big monsters drop orange clothes
Night battle Blue Moon City】Personal PVP gameplay, can get a lot of battle records, used to exchange for scarce props
Passionate Bubble】Hang up to get experience and prestige
Phantom Maze】Explore the maze to get a lot of rewards
Cross-services multiplayer PVP, let you kill until your hands are weak
Kill the guards to get materials related to magic treasures

System requirements

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