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About 劲舞天团

Game description

The first dance-based dress-up social game in the same global service. Follow the beat of the music, tap the corresponding arrow on the keyboard, and the character will dance in a cool way. The game has a lot of beautiful fashion, special expressions, hair accessories and so on can be obtained. In addition to dancing with other players, you can also improve your ability and get a lot of fashion through single player levels.

[Diverse fashions and decorations]
The game can get more than 50 kinds of fashion, headdress, hairstyle, etc., players can get a large number of such props through the free way
Fashion sets to choose from, but also to play a personal aesthetic ability, free to match the characteristics of each fashion
Each fashion and decorations have their own attributes and corresponding environment, to face different games wearing different clothing can be twice as effective
The more exquisite fashion can bring players more charm to enhance

[Multiple game modes]
Dreamland Pavilion: single-player levels, a total of 10 levels, each level three difficulties, through each level can get a lot of props reward, can be used for fashion synthesis and props to buy
Party Center: Each party has a different costume theme requirements, can participate in the party alone or in a team. Here you can get a wealth of fashion resources
Idol Challenge:, a weekly ranked player versus player system, by challenging other players to get challenge rewards and ranking rewards. The auditions are divided into three levels, lower circle, middle circle, and upper circle. The competition music changes every week, and you can also bid on the music for the next week. To win the competition, you also need to pay attention to the judges' preference for costumes.
Hot Dance Club: Build your own room or join other players on vacation to compete or chat. Here you can DIY your own stage and show your personal style

【DIY elements】
Personalized stage: Feel free to set up your own personalized stage and invite other players to visit
Personalized dress up: you can freely match your headdress, hairstyle, neckpiece, top, bottom, shoes, glasses, gloves, handheld, pupil, seal, back and many other parts to create a unique style of personal image

[Fashion system]
Fashion acquisition: can be purchased in the mall, can also be manufactured by obtaining drawings, or through the twisted egg to obtain
Material acquisition: Dreamland Pavilion, Party Center and Idol Challenge can get a lot of material resources
Fashion decomposition: excess fashion can be decomposed into materials
Fashion advancement: fashion can be upgraded by consuming materials to get a glamorous upgrade

[Marriage system]
Find a suitable partner, you can hold a wedding in the hall, become a CP in the game
After getting married, you will have a wedding ring, which can be upgraded to unlock different partner effects

System requirements

  • OS: Windows XP/Windows 8/Windows 10
  • Processor: I3
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Network: Broadband Internet connection
  • Storage: 1 GB available space

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