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Release date

10 Sep 2019



About 逍遥江湖

Game description

[game introduction]
"Happy Rivers and Lakes" is an ARPG game boutique created and released. Just touch your fingertips and you can fly in the martial arts dream! Passionate enjoy PK fun!

[game features]
First, the sect introduction
The martial art in the rivers and lakes is an important element of the martial arts world. The "Happy Rivers and Lakes" has selected two major sects of Wanhua Palace and Mingjian Villa for players to choose.
Players join the martial art, and they can compete for the position of the head. Opening up new genres is just around the corner.
Second, forging (that is, equipment to build)
Reinforcement: Strengthen the equipment position instead of the equipment, need to strengthen the stone, strengthen the stone through the melting, the wild leader, the reward leader, the mall to obtain
Gems: Requires a variety of gems, which can be obtained through malls, gemstones, etc.
Refining: Refining stone is needed, refined stone is obtained through refined copy and mall
Third, martial arts
The martial arts is the active release of martial arts, and each school has its own merits. Players are free to wear up to 4 different schools.
The heart method is passively enhanced martial arts. Collecting all the cheats can upgrade the mind, and learning the heart has a strong attribute bonus.
Fourth, the rivers and lakes
Knife light sword, bloody hurricane. The heroes of all the factions are fighting against each other, on the heroes of the world, who is ups and downs.
In the rivers and lakes of "Happy Rivers and Lakes", players can not only challenge the local leaders but also learn from each other. After winning, they can win a lot of rewards.
Five, the head of the competition
Rivers and lakes are raging, the sects are surging, and the disciples are passionately killed, only to compete for the position of the head.

The above is the introduction of the featured gameplay in the game of "Happy Rivers and Lakes". After you understand these basic play points, you will start to upgrade quickly and quickly improve your combat power and dominate the rivers and lakes!

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