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Release date

16 Sep 2019




About 炼妖记

Game description

"Rounding Demon" is a large 3D instant ARPG game with a dark wind on the west. The game will break the traditional line of alternative drama, no longer a simple demon guard, you will play the magical Sun Wukong in the history of super wild, and the Tiangong and the Buddha fight against the sky! The hot-blooded fighting effect, the dark-skinned realistic HD picture, and the resounding world of the Westward Journey. You can cultivate 3 kinds of individual occupations, collect hundreds of ancient artifacts and incubate giant beasts, and the high-value equipment system allows you to create your own unique appearance and pull the wind, and there are more games to be used. The stone-breaking monkey king reappears, it is necessary to surrender to you in this heaven and earth.

[Dark Westward Journey Monkey King]
Diablo realistic style 3D graphics, bringing the world of high-definition blood to the Westward world, character action moves cool, special effects burst, smooth picture. You will play the most arrogant and demonized Monkey King in history, and bring your own BMG!
[Breakthrough the tradition, the war against the gods]
It is no longer the traditional way of removing the demon martial arts. Instead, it releases the self and does not hesitate to oppose the god Buddha. It is a big trouble for the heavenly court to surrender to the heavens and the earth, the novel Journey to love and hate the story of love and hate, and the interpretation of the unusual live west tour.
[Instant Fighting Easy Brush]
A variety of large wild scenes switch, instantly fight the monsters where to escape? You can wave your golden hoop to break the konjac without any need to operate, and you can easily brush the monsters.
[personality professional pull the wind appearance]
In addition to the monkey king occupation, you can also unlock the professional characters such as Zixia Fairy, Erlang Shen Yang, and bring double the combined damage to the invincible! The high-value god dress and dressing system allows you to swim in the six worlds.
[The magic pet refining demon, hegemony]
The development of the Diablo Westward Journey style will allow your character meridians, Lingtai, Wuhun and other aspects to develop and become the first monkey king of heaven and earth. Collecting artifacts and small meanings, you can also hatch the magic pet, refining and upgrading, and even raise a few cockroaches, hegemony!

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