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About A Gift of War

Game description

In your little town, all young men and women who turn 18 are put to a test to discover if they are gifted. If they are, they are taken into the academy of the gifted, there they will train so they can assist in the war effort.
Today is the day for you to prove you are gifted.

Living in your small town has been a good life. You were always overshadowed by the threat of the enemy across the border, but in your small town, everything felt safe.
Food have been rationed, everyone contributed to the war effort in their own way, but everyone felt like they are on a mission, and the daily routine have been satisfying.

A Gift of War is a game about a young man who is going on a mission to assist his country's war effort against the bordering enemy.
AGOW plays like a Roguelike but levels will be all hand tailored.
In addition you will have a party of more than one character.

Combat plays kind of like a rogue like. However, there will be a way to control more than one party member.
Your character will have attributes, which give bonuses to skills and spells.
Several types of weapons. Several layers of armor.
It will have a complex RPG combat/skill system.

System requirements

  • OS: Windows 10
  • DirectX: Version 11

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