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About Aquillanto

Game description

Aquillanto is a side-scrolling 2D platformer with super-tight controls. There are three worlds to explore, each populated by monsters with unique and reactive behaviours. The Chain Warriors attack if they see you (stay out of sight!), the giant ants charge when you are in-range, the castle spiders counter-attack if you hit them, the jungle dragonflies fly in fast and swoop-attack, the AmBush monsters hide motionless until you're up-close and Kanatoom's temple spiders crawl along ceilings and drop down on to you! Yikes! To help you slash, splash and slay these and other beasts, you are armed with pens that shoot magic ink. Collect coins and crowns to purchase pen parts from the shop then craft your own magic pens to take on your adventures. There are over 11 million pen combinations but only one that creates the... GOLD PEN?! Will you find it?


  • 3 Colourful worlds to explore
  • Carefully crafted levels with varied and interesting challenges
  • Epic boss battles
  • Missions for featured and extended gameplay
  • Create your own magic pens - each with unique shooting styles
  • Over 11 million unique pens can be made - Will you find the Gold Pen?
  • 30+ monsters with unique and reactive behaviours
  • Lots of controllable platforms to ride
  • Secret passages galore!
  • Power-ups, ink, fruit and more to collect
  • Crumbling crates and exploding crates to master
  • And a story to tie it all together.

This is 16-bit platforming in HD! Enjoy! :)

System requirements

  • OS: Windows 10
  • Additional Notes: Final Requirements To Be Confirmed

Price History of Aquillanto

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