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Buy Burglar Girl | 怪盗少女 I 怪盜少女 PC

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About Burglar Girl | 怪盗少女 I 怪盜少女

Game description

This is an open ended collection type RPG game
You will play a strange thief girl
Every night, we need to change into night clothes
Go to all places, steal treasures or precious paintings
After that, they can sell or decorate their own homes~

Our heroine ruby is an orphan,
She gained her own home in Zhenzhen through her own efforts,
The beginning of the story happened here
In this small town, there are many precious treasures and stories left by her parents

Game manipulation

Left or right mouse button
Keyboard space ESC and direction key

Game features

16 CGs waiting for you to collect
There are many events and businessmen in the game,
They change every day, and they're different
You need to constantly explore and discover new targets in the game
Wear ordinary clothes during the day and night clothes at night
Change into money after stealing at night

Of course, you can also take the leisure route to decorate your own small home
You can also go to an auction house for auction
You can also donate the treasures to the museum
Participate in rich community activities, Learn some useful or useless magic

You need to avoid enemies like police and thieves and wildlife
Make sure you don't get hurt from them!
There are many kinds of magical props waiting for you to discover and use in the game
There are many hidden elements in the game

There is no real end to the game, you can play all the time, until forever!
But you may be defeated by some bandits or wild monsters, leading to the failure of the game
You may also lose the game because you can't find a way out of prison

Hope everyone can like our game! I love you!

System requirements

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