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About Clocknockers

Game description

Theorizing that a person could time travel, Doctor Samantha Annulet dove onto the Time Aggregate Escalator and disappeared...
She awoke to find herself trapped in different eras, facing challenges on her own, and driven by a force to change history for the better.
Her only guide is Ally, an observer from her own time, who appears in the form of Augmented Reality that only Samantha can see and hear.
And so, Doctor Annulet finds herself diving from Year to Year, striving to put right what once went wrong, and hoping that her next dive will be the dive home…
But, Then . . .
A Group of Bad Dudes known as the “Clocknockers” hijacked the time machine and arrived at points in time just before Doctor Annulet and knocked the timeline off balance.
Samantha must stop them to save time itself.

Travel to several times and locations across many challenging levels.
Go on Fun Quests and collect Time Pieces.
Use Time Control abilities like replay, rewind and use time dupes of Yourself to help solve puzzles and obstacles
Drive a Time Car and Fly a "Hoverlorean".

There is a Progress System and Save/Load via the Main Menu.

System requirements

  • OS: 10
  • OS: 10

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