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Game info

Release date

25 Mar 2020


Alcatalyst-Hamza Mustafa



About Crazy Puzzle

Game description

If you are like class Jigsaw puzzle games with a crazy twist, then this is the game for you! Crazy puzzle is a classic jigsaw puzzle game but is geared towards people that are serious about solving difficult puzzles.
This game allows you to choose a difficulty level and start playing. Unlike other puzzle games, this game will allow help you if you get stuck. The picture of the solution will be in front of you. Once you place a piece correctly, it will just lock the piece on the table. You will then not have to worry about placing all of the pieces at the right place over and over again.
You can also join a set of pieces. They will lock into place and your can move them wherever you want. This makes playing easier as the correct piece stick together and do not leave their correct place.
Crazy Puzzle has plenty of categories to keep you busy! If you like cats, you can play our ‘Cats’ category all day!
Each category is filled with awesome puzzles. All of the pictures in the game are high-resolution pictures. All of the puzzle pieces are also super high-res and you can easily identify what is on each piece.
There will be a transparent picture on each table which will give you an idea about which piece will go where. You can also turn the picture off if you want an extra challenge.
The pieces that will be on your table depends on the difficulty that you will select before starting a game. The higher the difficulty, the more pieces you will have on your table. You will have to work harder to find the correct pieces on higher difficulties.
The goal is to finish each puzzle as quickly as possible. The faster you complete the puzzle, the higher your score will be. You can even leave the game and come back, exactly where you left off. The game will save your progress and your pieces.
You can start multiple puzzle games at any time. Even your friends and family can create a user account and start playing whichever puzzle that they want. Your progress will not be halted as the game creates user accounts for every individual and tracks their progress.
The key features in this game include:
- Plenty of free puzzles to play
- Ability to choose different difficulty levels
- Ability to save progress at any stage
- Ability to set up multiple user accounts
- Puzzle solution transparent picture available on all tables
- Multiple table types to choose from
- High score system
- 100s of different types of puzzles
- High-resolution picture images

System requirements

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