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About Crossroads of Helmia

Game description

In Crossroads of Helmia you will explore the world, meet its inhabitants and build your own team. Find the interesting Characters of Helmia and recruit them to join your forces. Build the team to fit your playstyle, defensive or aggressive and defeat your enemies.

You have a set of Characters, which you find by exploring the world of Helmia, The highest amount of Characters you can have in your party at any given time is six. These Characters have different races and different classes, the race and class changes the Characters Abilities and stats. An example of a Character is a Guard who is a Human and a Knight.
Every Character has four abilities, which you can always change with older or newer abilities as you progress the game.

When exploring the world you will enter so called Dangerous Zones, where you have to fight Bandits or other Captains. You will send out three Characters to face the threat (or less if the rest of your Characters have "died"), your Characters have Health, Stamina and etc. The Health and Stamina is the most important to keep your focus on, if the Health reaches zero then the Character will "die" and you will replace them with another Character who hasn't "died". If all of your Characters have "died" then you have lost the fight.
Every time your Characters use an Ability they will lose Stamina and you need Stamina to perform Abilities. Depending on the Abilities the Character might not have enough Stamina to use any ability and then you have two options to choose between. The first is to change your Character with another in your party, when they are not in combat they will rest and regain Stamina every turn. The other one is to rest your Character whilst in combat, they will regain more Stamina but they still can be targeted by the enemies.
In combat you can also use items to regain Health, Stamina or to increase your other stats on your Characters.

System requirements

  • OS: Windows 10
  • DirectX: Version 11

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