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Game Info

Release date

18 Jul 2019




Mixed (53)

About Destiny of Blood / 血之命运

Game description

★ What is Destiny of Blood?

Destiny of Blood is an original magic role playing game based on turn strategy gameplay.

Carefully designed the system of occupation collocation completely free, many heros through the turn based strategy derived from infinite possibilities. Cute characters, funny expression, distinctive images, makes the serious and stressful game extremely relaxing. Any player can experience the different rhythm in the scene of game.
Destiny of Blood is a real turn based game. Of course, you can also think of it as a puzzle game!

★ Game features:
It's unusual
No DRM, can play on PC.
A distinctive artistic style.
The game uses cute, 1 head villain as a role, each role has its own distinctive features, in a relaxed and interesting atmosphere, experience chess is a new attempt.
Creating combat systems.
With the game player powerful brain hole, free imagination, through unrestricted free transfer inheritance occupation skills, create a combat system belonging to their own.
A game, a variety of fighting rhythm.
The game in different sections can experience a totally different battle rhythm, not only can brush the zombies, jump to escape the trap of treading on eggs can find... Eaten by cannibals... Be surrounded by scenes.

★ Game introduction

We love freedom and high entertaining game, and has been considering how to play the traditional role, a high degree of freedom of occupation and puzzle come together. This is not just tell a simple story, brush some enemies, upgrade, push the map to see the story, and finally pass the last chapter. This is where we invite you to enter into the world we created together, and experience the different rhythm of the game in the world.

The Destiny of Blood is a long adventure. It allows you to explore the world in your own way.
In this adventure, you not only need powerful partners fight enemies, but also need to deal with each chapter has different play rhythm. Yes, this is not just a game, you can think that it is more like a puzzle adventure game, or a smart strategy game.
In addition to the common in conventional game tasks and eggs, we spent a lot of time to create a unique battle system. It follows the basic rules of game, base one the rules we carefully designed occupation skill. Through the transfer system is completely free, you can create your own the strongest heroes, or create any history of a game battle system, complete all the fighting in your ways.

★ Background story:

You play the leading role of Lud-ViHi met with Lod-LiHi, the two born with destiny, will embark on the journey to find out the fate of bondage. The outcome will be decided by you, is that they compromise to fate? Or get rid of the bondage of blood, live yourself.
Then began this deadly journey.

★ Game system

You follow the leading role taking an adventurous journey around the world (or outside the world). You can choose where you want to go through the map of the world and experience other events outside the main storyline.
The main chapters also have different branches because of your choice.
Of course, not to challenge the dragon easily, if you do not want to be slaughtered.

* A battle without mana

The most basic combat chess combat system, all the details of the fight will be determined by the players. Skills cost no mana, battles are not tied by turns, and everything is so freely.

* Special BOSS fight

BOSS is a totally unique presence in the game. They can't attack normally, only use skills, however skills range and damage......

* Free fight

You can pass any chapter in your own way, as long as the brain cavity is enough.

* Challenging battle

Each battle will be designed to challenge goals, easy to achieve, also super difficult, depending on how you want to play it.

* Occupation

We carefully designed 20 occupations, each occupation skills are strong enough and interesting. No common XXX hurt these skills, XX damage, XX BUFF effect, but those who do you think the epitome of combat system strong.

The transfer can make a tactical role, through multiple roles collocation, can make the whole battle with strategy.

* Equipment

Like traditional role-playing, our cute little characters are also equipped with equipment that requires you to drop, pick, pick up, attribute is random! Yes, that's Diablo's random, and we've made a little game, especially for players who like to play with the equipment.


★ Art design

Even our art style is light, it cost us much time designing characters and scenes.

★ Player support

We are honored to have been supported by a lot of players after the demo release, and also got their support in design and production. Here are 3 roles that have been designed and made by the player in the EA version.

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