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Release date

22 Jun 2015



About Echo of Soul

Game description

Echo of Soul is a rich, deep fantasy MMORPG that invites you to decide how your legend will be written. Discover a gigantic world filled with an abundance of quests and imaginative monsters. Venture into solo dungeons and take on hordes of enemies as a one-man (or woman) army. Explore party dungeons with your friends and battle exhilarating bosses with Echo of Soul’s unique combat system, emphasizing cooperative healing. Without the need for a dedicated healer, every party member can get in on the action! PvP fanatics can level and gear up entirely through competition with the 15 vs. 15 battlefields. Take the fight to the next level in fast-paced arenas for teams of 5 players. Guilds can also clash with each other in full-scale wars, both in the open world and on a special GvG battlefield! Extensive character customization options await through the use of the Soul System. Utilize the Chaos Souls collected from slain enemies to augment your spells and abilities with extra power and additional effects. If you’d like to try out a new party role, multiple specializations for each class offer completely different playstyles and skill sets.FEATURES Five customizable classes: Warrior, Archer, Rogue, Guardian, and Sorceress Multiple specializations for each class, dramatically altering their style of play Level up through PvE or PvP Over 1,600 quests spanning a huge world with nearly 60 unique maps to explore Dozens of dungeons for solo adventurers or parties to battle through Robust PvP combat including battlefields, arenas, and open guild war No dedicated healing classes, creating more fast-paced and strategic combat Soul System enables the collection of souls from fallen foes to activate buffs, enhance abilities, or craft useful items 10 and 20 player raids against massive, challenging bosses (COMING SOON)

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