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About From Bum to King

Game description

From Bum to King is an eyebrow-wiggling simulator during a curse in the fictional Medieval Age with elements of strategy and farce.

What an ideal life to be king - wealth, honor and respect, sumptuous feasts, military campaigns, to punish and pardon with a single wave of your hand. How beautiful it is... it must be so... especially if you start as a beggar tramp. May the road to the throne and greatness begin!

Exalt yourself and your family by rising from the very bottom - from life in a dormitory to a luxurious castle and your own kingdom. Bloody battles, nefarious intrigues, treasure-filled dungeons, loyal friends, treacherous enemies, and more await you on this fascinating journey.


A completely open world and freedom of action. You are not limited in the ways of achieving your goals. Every journey is unique. Choose a pre-designed world map or create one of your own. Embark on adventures full of battles, dangers, plots, and chance encounters.


There is a terrible curse hanging over the world - Tlen. It causes the skin of the unfortunate to rot and peel off their bones. Only a town built around the sacred Hospodar's Tree is a protection and refuge from the hated Tlen. No one remembers when it came into being. Where did it come from? How to get rid of it? These questions have been asked for centuries. Who knows, maybe it is you who will find the answers.


Enemies will try to get to you or your family. Friends will support you in a difficult situation. Build relationships with characters however you like. Execute, torture, show mercy, trade, insult and, of course, wiggle your eyebrows.

Eyebrow Wiggling

The locals are simple in expressing their emotions and desires - they move their eyebrows. This is how people negotiate, build trust, express sympathy, and marry. Try it, it's quite helpful.

Artificial Limbs

Prosectors are masters of surgery and making prostheses. Wood, steel - everything will do. They can make limbs better than humans have. Wooden arms and steel jaws are commonplace in this world. Replace body parts with artificial ones to become stronger.


Each character has many characteristics. And everyone can change them. The Schopenhauers, immortal servants of the Higher Powers, are here to help. They can cure diseases, make you attractive, turn a weakling into a strongman - they can do anything. But they charge by the years of life. Your character will have to grow old.

Jobs and Tasks

To develop your character, you need experience and money. And you can earn them in different ways. Very different ways. Do tasks, play musical instruments, trade your own body, or beg. All means are good on the way to the royal throne.


Create a unique character in the built-in editor. Find a loving partner and create your own family. Raise worthy heirs. Children will take on the traits and characteristics of their parents. After the death of the main character, the game will continue for the heir. Who will be your successor?

Combat and Mercenaries

Defeat your enemies on the battlefield. Recruit fighters for your side and troops for your home and town garrisons. Take part in battles and win personally by fighting in the front lines. Swords, axes, bows, pistols, and arquebuses are yours for the taking. Gain rich spoils of war and lord your will over the vanquished.


Get titles and become a noble aristocrat - from a worthless vagabond to the king. With each new title, you gain more respect and the right to own factories and towns. Your army, the size of your inventory, and your luck increases to help you reach your goals.

Houses, Towns, and Kingdoms

Build a house for your family, hire guards, and keep your treasures well protected. Open a factory and produce goods. Build a new town and collect taxes from other characters. Create your kingdom and compete with other rulers for world domination.


Perilous dungeons, dark caves and hidden lairs are located all over the world. What secrets do they hide? Deadly traps, fearsome enemies and rare treasures await you.

System requirements

  • OS: Windows 7
  • Processor: Quad-core AMD / Intel CPU, 2 GHz
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: 1 GB
  • Storage: 1500 MB available space

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