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Game info

Release date

05 Dec 2018


Impact Games


About Infinite Rave

Game description

This is a game of Zombies, Professional Programmer Art, and Head Thumping Music. Your goal is to survive as long as possible while fending off hordes of zombie, robot, and flood that head your way.

Explosions, Gore, and Death by Fire and other messy things to go around in this simple looking but complex game. Play in a series of maps to see how long you can survive and how much money you’ll get. Upgrade your guns, switch costume mid game, and burn all the mobs you can.

As the game progresses you will progress through each map gaining more weapons, items, and finding new traps, and secret areas.

Info: the game is constantly growing and more will be added throughout its life cycle, expect more, ask for more. A small list of upcoming features follows: Multiplayer Modes, Challenges, and Leaderboards.

Some Features and Info:

- Environmental Changes: Change the map as you play by earning money and buying walls, traps, turrets, and more.
- Change your costume whenever you want with easy button presses of 1,2, and 3.
- Continuous support: This shouldn’t be a feature but it is, we will be continuing to add more features over time, listening to community feedback and doing what we can to make this game better for everyone who plays.

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