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About Infinity Nest

Game description

Powerful foes shroud the land and monsters terrorise the citizens of Altera. All seems lost and yet one hope remains: you.

Pick a character, class, and leap straight into one of the most action-packed MMORPG experiences available. Master the art of combat as you utilise brutal combos and devastating magic.

Key Features:

  • Instant Cap - Imagine spending days or weeks to reach the level cap on all your characters. Yeah, we wouldn't want to either. Simply use a free Level Skip Potion and dive straight into the action.
  • Multi Region Support - Worried about latency? We have something that might help. With servers in Americas, Europe, and South East Asia, just simply select a region when leaving town and enjoy low ping!
  • Dynamic Combat - Experience a complex and fast-paced combat system that's truly one of a kind. Learning proper skill rotations is the key to your victory.
  • Unique Classes - Choose from nine different characters, all with their own traits and play style. From a destructive Warrior to a stealthy Assassin, you're sure to find a class which fits you.
  • Guilds - Some horrors are too terrible to be faced alone. Team up with friends, form a guild, and take on our mighty raid bosses. Coordination is key, and only the strongest will survive.
  • Active Development - Our development pipeline is both very active and transparent, and we like to keep everyone updated on our Discord Server!

As we've had active development before arriving on Steam, full details are available on either our website or Discord Server!

System requirements

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