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Game info

Release date

04 Mar 2020


Zihan Wang


About Inside The Computer

Game description

Plot: You were a computer science professor. Once you wanted to test your new invention, the "Real Object Teleporting Portal Based on Network". This special machine could digitalizes a real object and send it to network wires by a connected computer, then transport it through network wires to the target portal and instantiate it to the real world. After some simple testing by small objects, you were ready to test it using your own body. You entered the input portal. But you didn't know that there were some viruses in the computer connected to the portal. The viruses hacked your transport program and blocked you from getting into the network wires after you were successfully digitalized. You stayed in the bus of your computer. (Bus: a special kind of circuit which connects different parts in a computer and transfers data between them.) The viruses blocked the output portal behind you, so you couldn't get out. You knew that if you go to each hardware in the computer to delete these loaded viruses, you could unblock the portal then go back to human world safety.
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How to play?
This game has 7 levels now. They are 3 disk levels and 4 RAM levels.
In disk levels, the viruses come recurrently. You need to delete all of them with only one life to win. Be careful with the magnetic read head that could illuminate a dangerous red beam above you.
(In disk levels, the player is standing on the rotating disk surface to fight viruses. So to be more real, I made the background rotated with respect to the player. But if you feel dizzy because of the rotating background (for example the ceiling), then you can turn it down by simply click the "Background Rotating" button in the pause menu (Press Esc). This will NOT affect the game rules.)
In RAM levels, there are 3 virus spawners that can spawn viruses. You need to delete all spawners first, then delete all viruses to win. But because of the hacking of viruses, the bridges in RAM levels will recurrently collapse and rebuild. If you are careless, you may fall into the void then be deleted directly. But don't worry, this time you have 2 extra recompile (revive) chance to help you win.
This game has 3 different types of viruses. The first kind is the basic ranged attack virus, the second kind is the ranged attack virus with shield, and the third kind is the close attack virus.
The player has three special abilities besides the basic attack. The first one is shooting a blast bullet that can hurt all viruses in an area. The second one is creating a temporary shield that can help you immunize all damages (except falling into the void). And the third one is transmission, this ability is RAM levels only. After a short time for preparation, it can help you get to a destination far away from you up to 15 meters. This ability can be used to get out of viruses' encirclement or pass a gap that is less than 15 meters and caused by collapsed bridges. But it can't help you go through a wall or any other obstacles.

System requirements

  • OS: Windows 7
  • Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5 1.60GHz
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Intel(R) HD Graphics 6000
  • Storage: 100 MB available space

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