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About Just a Chest

Game description

It's a traditional story: human beings and monsters, communication and misunderstanding, war and peace. The fate of the world is all up to you.
But it's also kind of special: this time you are not a hero, not a monster, not even a normal NPC. You are a--
...Uh, a treasure chest.

One day, a treasure chest who has been tired of staying in the forest day after day, suddenly finds himself could move freely now. After excitedly frightened the squirrels and birds nearby, he jumps out to show off to everyone, feeling that he is the Chosen One and destined to do something big.
However, humans and monsters are in a adversarial state, so there comes the question: to be a meek friend of humans, or stand with monsters, or maintain strict neutrality (and risk being smashed by both sides)?
With three companions, he embarks on a journey to see the world, but what the world looks like depends on your perspective.
Everyone argues that they are righteous, yet what is the truth on earth?

An atypical JRPG which has no maze and does't require much grind. Suitable for those who want to enjoy a story-driven game.

●The Roads not Taken

Three different storylines that fork soon after the game starts, each of which has completely different plots. The face of the world depends on the standpoint you chose.

● The Sun Is New Each Day (so do the NPCs)

All NPC dialogues and even furniture investigations will be updated with the storyline. There're conversations that can only be triggered in a certain period, and furniture that can only be investigated in a good relationship with the owner. The world will continually change as the story progresses.

● Money, Potion and Everything

Need money?
Need potion?
Need equipment?
Don't worry, you're a TREASURE CHEST!
As a treasure chest, you can produce almost everything out of blue. All you need is experience: exploring the world, talking with people, fighting emenies, helping others... all these will turn into some chest power which can be used in production. Play a mini-game, then you'll get what you need.

● Fight Like a Chest

It's a turn-based game, but you may want to use more items instead of skills. There're various of items and strategies based on them, using which wisely can make the combats easier.

Also, you can talk with bosses in combat to make them calm down or get angrier. A less angry enemy might be less aggressive.

System requirements

  • OS: Windows 7 or higher
  • Processor: Intel Core2 Duo or higher
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Open GL compliant video card
  • Storage: 700 MB available space

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