Kelvin and the Infamous Machine

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Kelvin and the Infamous Machine is a hilarious point-and-click adventure in which you stumble irresponsibly through history to help legendary geniuses complete their masterworks!

Kelvin is the well-meaning research assistant of Dr. Edwin Lupin, an outstanding but tacky physicist who goes completely nuts when his life’s work, a shower-shaped time machine, is ridiculed by the scientific community. Bent on leaving his mark, Lupin launches himself into the past to prevent history’s greatest geniuses from completing their defining works, so HE can complete them instead.

Now the very fabric of time is beginning to unravel, and it’s up to Kelvin and his fellow research assistant Lise to repair it. Point and click your way through three wacky, gorgeously drawn chapters to help Ludwig van Beethoven, Isaac Newton, and Leonardo da Vinci achieve their destined greatness!

  • Classic point-and-click gameplay, featuring both pointing and clicking.
  • Beautiful hand-drawn 2D environments.
  • A huge variety of wacky puzzles that increase in difficulty as you go.
  • 56 quirky, fully animated characters
  • Over 2000 lines of written dialog.
  • Original soundtrack with 12 unique tracks.
  • And of course, the unique opportunity to annoy three of the greatest minds in history and save the universe!

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