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Momoiro Soft., Outbreak Games



About Kissing Therapy: Proper Counseling

Game description

This title includes both Kissing Therapy: Proper Counseling and Kissing Therapy: Re-lewded.

Rose is a newly hired counselor trying to get to the bottom of a drug scandal rocking the campus of her community college. Join her as she uncovers a vast conspiracy beyond her wildest imagination and becomes wrapped up in it's tangled webs.

  • Marvel At Sizzling Hot Scenes
    Text, visuals, and audio come together to provide the ultimate sensual experience!

  • Dive Into A Longer Story, More Content
    Proper Counseling's story is twice the length of the original Kissing Therapy and features over four times the artwork!

  • Listen To Bonus, Unlockable Audio Logs
    How deep does this rabbit hole go? New unlockable audio logs reveal even more about the campus conspiracies.

  • Collect A Variety Of Achievements
    Proper Counseling features achievements, collect them all and show them off!

Kate goes to her local friendly community college counselor to try therapeutic hypnosis to learn how to make friends again, but quickly winds up with more than she bargained for. Follow her story and the misadventure she ends up on.

  • Newly Added Voice Acting
    Another dimension is added to this classic story, as Re-lewded receives full voice acting!

  • Enhanced UI & Presentation
    All of the quality of life tweaks and presentation improvements that are present in Proper Counseling are found in Re-lewded!

System requirements

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