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About Kitty Cat Squash

Game description


Kitty Cat Squash is a super-casual and relaxing tile merge game! Use your paws to slide the adorable cats across the board and merge the cat tiles; when merged, a new cat appears. You will get hooked attempting to beat your highscore, and trying to discover all 16 cats!


Basic Game Play
  • Use the arrows to swipe the cats
  • Merge similar cats

  • For every level of cat, the points for merging them doubles, starting with 1 point
  • When you beat your highscore in a game, you will get a chime, and another one when you discover a new cat

  • Remember the order that cats merge into
  • Try to keep your best cats closest to a corner
  • Use the corners and order to set up merge cascades (don't just swipe willy-nilly!)
  • Try to beat your highscore, and discover all 16 cats

Must Follow Rules
  • Have fun!


Instead of those icky numbers to look at, you have adorable cats! There are 16 cats to collect, try your best to get them all and learn their stories. Every cat you discover has a name, and a brief description you can find under Meet the Cats!


Are you a cat? I figured- protect your kitty cat eyes with our Dark Mode Background! Now you can stay up all night without any pesky humans knowing you are awake causing chaos!


Easy to learn, hard to master, harder to put down. You would not believe how often we got distracted playing the game when testing changes during development! Once mastered, a single game could last hours!


Be it Super Fill Mode, Spawn Any Discovered Cat, or the developer favorite Gravity Mode, you will have a great time with these tweaks to your game!


Cats have very sensitive hearing, so along with the Master Volume, you have 5 additional volume sliders to tweak UI, Chimes, Game Reset (Meow), Game Over, and Cat Merge/Spawn/Swipe sounds!


Kitty Cat Squash offers you many fun statistics about your game, including Amount of Cat Merges, Amount of Swipes Made, Amount of Cats Spawned, and many more including averages, and per-cat spawn rates! Purrrfect for our cat masterminds!


We all make mistakes, so Kitty Cat Squash allows you a single Undo per game. Use it wisely!


In the Display Settings, you have several options including showing the FPS, adjusting the Game Board Zoom, disabling the Tips at startup, and toggling Fullscreen. This is also where the Dark Mode Background option lives!


Fingers? Cute little paws? Weird alien tentacle thing? We got you covered! Kitty Cat Squash enables you to control swipes with the On-Screen Arrow Paws, the WASD Keys, Arrow Keys, controller buttons/axes, or...


...Swipe Mode. In swipe mode, you can use a touchscreen or drag your mouse to swipe. You can also control the distance you have to travel for a swipe to register!


Want to make swipes faster? Sure! How about super slow? Why not! You have full control over the Swipe Animation Time. In fact, we have also included a Time to Think option; when your board is not very full, your eyes will be darting back and forth like a kitty fixated on a laser pointer, and your animation speed will be very quick, however once your game board starts to fill up, the swipe speed automatically starts to slow down so you don’t accidentally fill your board, run out of valid swipes and loose!


All game art was made by our very talented artist. Each kitty was designed with love, many based on real cats. Let’s be real, the kitties are Adorable!

System requirements

  • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
  • OS: Windows 10
  • Processor: Anything should do
  • Memory: 100 MB RAM
  • Graphics: Anything should do
  • Sound Card: Not required, but if you have one, good on you
  • Additional Notes: Honestly this game could probably run on a potato.
  • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system

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