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About Knights and Castles

Game description


  • Why do all of your games look the same?
    - All IDLE RPGS look the same ... All RTS look the same too... That is called a genre.
  • Why do you only make IDLE GAMES?
    - They are my favorite genre I love Auto Battlers.... even tough there are some good ones on Steam
    I cant seem to find that many that I would like to play.
  • Are you making any Progress?
    - Yes! I believe this could be a great game , comparing to my previous ones.
    I am also learning a new game engine wich is Godot! and I am enjoying it =)

About this Game!

KnC(Knights and Castles) is game where you will be playing as Bruce(Knight) whose main ambition is to get stronger and stronger!
Bruce must defeat the enemies in the tower to acquire powerfull loot that can be used to acquire several upgrades across the town...
Keys are used to unlock Next Stages! and Pickaxes allows you to mine different Minerals!

Game Info:

(KnC) Knights and Castles is an IDLE - GAME, wich is a game where most of the mechanics and battles are automated so you can enjoy making progress while drinking a coffe without having to work so hard to play =)


  • Smith(Worth of 24 swords and 24 Armors)!
  • A unique Shop used to acquire Key items to be used in the game.
  • Enchanter that can improve your power!
  • Powerful jewels!
  • A Mine that you can harvest Minerals in it!
  • Your almost endless Dungeon!
  • 20 unique Enemy Skins!

Thank you for playing! See you in KnC!

System requirements

  • OS: Windows 10
  • Processor: dual core
  • Memory: 300 MB RAM

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