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Risk info

Game info

Release date

16 Nov 2018






About Lonely shooter

Game description

No language text will appear in the game.
No dialogue,
Only fighting

Players need to click on the mouse and keep appearing monsters to shoot them.
100% of the bullet will hit the mouse click
Either hit the monster or hit the scene.
After hitting the monster, the monster will disappear and you will get the score.

Bullets are limited and you can't shoot all the time.
Press the right mouse button to replenish the bullet.
But it will consume magazines.

Fortunately, after hitting a monster, there is a high probability that it will drop the impeachment.
If you hit the magazine again, you can add the magazine.

According to the depth of the game, there will be different monsters.

There are 5 kinds of drop props
Will be open to the game
Bullet, ammunition
Love, restore life
Clock, monster pause
Stars, will not hurt
Bomb, causing damage to all

Life does not increase automatically, please cherish life

Repel the system

Every monster has weaknesses
When they attack, they will be exposed
At this time, attacking weaknesses will stop them from attacking.

Occlusion system

There will be some areas in the scene that will block monsters.
The monster moves here and the body is blocked
At this time, shooting in the past, will hit the obstruction, can not hit the monster
When the monster attacks the player, it will leave the obstruction

Fractional system

After hitting the monster, you can increase the score.
Hit the big monster to get more points
Hits fail, will reduce the score
Attack by monsters will reduce the score

After the completion of a big level, the game will be saved

The game can be operated with just one mouse.

System requirements

Requirements for this game are unavailable.

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