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About Q'Redux

Game description

In this Celtic-Egyptian, open-world fantasy, you play a healer on a personal journey to rescue a mentor. Learn powerful new sorceries as you discover magic, mix salves & help alt-gendered spirits in this souls-lite, action-RPG. Burn, Grow, Heal, Summon, Transform, Control. The power is yours.

Explore the World

Use various means to explore & traverse

Study Sorcery.

Read the Grimoire. Learn new sorceries. Each spell changes how you play the game.

Soothe The Spirits.

Each spirit reveals more about the world and how it came to be. Learn, Discover, Explore, and invoke greater powers. Druid, Sorcerer, Acolyte, Healer, etc. - the decision is yours.

Save the People.

Cook up remedies for those afflicted by sickness, disease or curse. Build wealth, gain renown.

About the Story ============

This project is an episodic Action-RPG where you play the adopted grandson of a healer woman.
She succumbs to a mysterious illness, leaving it up to the player to find a way to help her.
During that journey, he must learn to run her apothecary (healing business) and unravel the source of her malady.
On this journey you'll befriend alternative-gendered spirits and learn powerful sorceries by calling upon them.

About the Developer & Mission ============

  • As an independent developer, who has spent roughly 2 years (over 2,700 personal hours) actively developing this gaming project, I believe it should go without saying: this game is a labor of love & passion. I believe it is absolutely where my passions should focus.

  • My goal is to craft quality, digital experiences (i.e., games) that help inspire people to broaden their perspectives on common, taken-for-granted societal constructs in an intuitive manner. Team iNtuition values the notion of educating people on complex topics in intuitive ways through technology. (Also, I enjoy magic but feel most games do it a disservice by treating it like another type of gun, at best).

  • As part of Team iNtution, I am lead developer, tech artist & founder. I do tasks ranging from 3D Modeling, rigging, animating, texture editing, design, story and narrative. I do a bit of audio and music, but mostly focus on the major features requisite of a vertical-slice styled prototype – animated models, environment, VFX and programming.

  • Your support will aid in continuing to develop this project, increasing social outreach, creating community and building a Patreon audience whose feedback will directly help improve this video game. Lastly, it will tell our future team that there are others who believe in and support this work, validating continued efforts on this over-2,700-hour journey thus far.

System requirements

  • OS: Windows 7
  • Processor: Modern Processor (Ex. i7-8086k)
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Modern Graphics Card (Ex. GTX 1080)
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Storage: 15 GB available space
  • Sound Card: Recommended

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