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About Ruin or Victory

Game description

Ruin or Victory is a modern take on the classic RTS genre with added detail, continuity, and strategic depth while remaining accessible and well-paced.

Game modes at release
  • A free-build mode with no opponent and optional tutorial hints. A complete user manual will be accessible in game while paused.
  • A scenario mode against an AI opponent that starts with a base and launches increasingly challenging attacks against the player. Both the map and AI preset will be randomized each game, and difficulty, game length, and other settings will be available.

Features at release
  • Random map generation with different terrain, resources, and starting positions each game. Create your own custom map configuration files to control most parameters of map generation.
  • An AI that does not cheat, but uses all the same mechanics that the player does. The AI will make decisions based only on what it has spotted.
  • An extensive, branching technology tree with new items, buildings, and abstract benefits. Some paths are exclusive to others and offer both advantages and disadvantages that define your strategy and playstyle. The tree starts in the stone age and ends at the early medieval age.
  • An organic population growth system that uses real-time food consumption, death due to starvation, and overcrowding factors. You will have to balance your population's growth, food production, and military size.
  • Skills for your peasants that are gained from their actions and significantly improve their efficiency. Various crafters make high quality items and are a strategic target, while skilled warriors take time to train but are dangerous in battle.
  • Rally system that allows you to set gather points for peasants and warriors separately and summon them as needed. Collect your idle peasants or rally your troops to their posts with any number of points that you place.
  • Domesticated animals that serve as more efficient farm and transport workers and enable the use of cavalry, but require food and training. Animals can be captured when their previous owners abandon them.
  • Continuity of resources and items presents a new strategy of logistics. All resources gathered and items made are physically present in the game world.
  • Resources must be moved to buildings for construction, can be taken out of the building by disassembling, and are lost when the building burns. Workshops that make items must have resources delivered, and the items must be moved and stored in armories.
  • Buildings and other constructs, such as siege equipment, require humans to operate, and can be captured if abandoned. Buildings captured from the enemy can be looted, burned, or used like your own buildings.
  • Warriors are equipped with custom sets of equipment that you design. Create armored archers or light spearmen to fend of cavalry. Every piece of a warrior's equipment will impact their speed and combat abilities. Carried items and resources are dropped on death, allowing the victor to loot the battlefield.

All of this detail is scaled to the strategic level. There are no inventory screens or per item management. Stored items and resources, warrior equipment, and item upgrades are managed in any quantity with a few button clicks. Peasants automatically find necessary items and buildings for pickup and drop-off, carrying out their tasks with an individual AI.

Selected humans, animals, and constructs are automatically categorized and sorted, allowing you to select by type, skill, or equipment quickly. An order queuing system allows you to chain orders and display them in the game world.

A clear user interface with customization options, intuitive hotkey navigation, and unlimited map zoom with scalable icons, is presented with original, stylized artwork and font.

Features that will be added after release
  • Multiplayer, including cooperative play in all singleplayer modes, as well as PvP on any random map.
  • A skirmish gamemode in which the AI starts and builds up like the player.
  • Rivers and lakes that divide the map as well as island maps on the open ocean. Gather fish and fight the enemy with warships crewed by your warriors in ranged and boarding engagements.

This list is not exhaustive; support and additional features will continue after release.

System requirements

  • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
  • OS: Windows 10 64-bit
  • Processor: Quad Core @2GHz
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: GTX 1660 or similar with 2GB VRAM
  • Storage: 4 GB available space
  • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system

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