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Game info

Release date

17 Dec 2018





Game description

/* Jack into a game where you have to confess love to your dearest one.

...... Brace yourself. */

// General Description :

SHELL-BREAK is a game of sci-fi, RPG genre with a cyberpunk-like theme, maze-exploring and elements of survival. A player, taking the role of a captive protagonist imprisoned deep inside a research facility, is asked to play a perilous game with an A.I. program in charge there. The very rule of the game is simple and clear; you successfully confess your love to the A.I., then your affection will be answered and rewarded. However, should there be an occasion of failing to accomplish the goal, a certain death, with your life-signal flat, will come get you.

// Gameplay :

In order to tell your dearest one how deep your love is, you will be asked to collect the very words, the three 'keywords', needed for making such confession. You will be exploring deep inside the maze-like control room, while hacking terminals after terminals to reach the spot where each keyword is saved. You will also be jacking into the numerous, and yet hazardous virtual worlds where both your prowess and your very own existence are tested; yes, you will be put into the fiery test where you go through grueling combats with security programs in variety. You'll have no other options but to put your own feet into the treacherous puzzles; the only way out is to solve them. To prove your love, you'll have to be brave enough to risk any kind of dangers ahead.

/* Love is a sweet medicine that treats all kinds of illness in the world.

A good medicine, indeed, comes from a drop of deadly poison. */

System requirements

  • OS: Windows 7, 8(8.1), 10
  • Storage: 300 MB available space

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