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About ShineG In Bumpercat

Game description

Hello everyone!
Here is ShineG In Bumpercat, the sixth product in the ShineG series. I, the producer Louie.
Thank you for your support!
The game was finally completed. It's the game of the longest production cycle in the series, and I've made repeated changes to it.
While inheriting the characteristics of the series, great changes have taken place in the sixth work, especially in the Graphics.

CG in the game uses dynamic rendering technology. Under the condition of ensuring exquisite, you can watch from all angles. It's like a digital Figure.
Of course, change is more than that.

The following is the introduction of the game:

Game Background: Shine brought a Nekomusume’s world through a cat's ear headdress and started a new battle.

1.This is an action game, the game is similar to bumper cars, supporting multiplayer fighting. You can attack your opponent by hitting, firing bombs. When all enemies fall into the sea, you will win.

2.This time the characters are all wearing swimsuits. The other characters are Nekomusume except Shine. (You can take photos when the characters are falling into the water.)

3.There are 29 ordinary stage, all of which will have an ordinary ending. Ordinary stage is not very difficult, used to familiarize with the operation and rules of the game. Many CGs can be unlocked at ordinary stage. After all clearance, we can enter the challenge stage.

4.Challenge stage is not a more difficult ordinary stage, there are many new items, and new systems. There are many new designs, which are worth trying.

5.Perfect clearance of the game needs to unlock all CG in the challenge level. Player's ability does not affect the whole collection, everyone can perfect clearance. After perfect clearance, the function of changing model and expression can be locked.

6.I also made a scoring system for you. After the perfect clearance, we can continue to explore and study the most powerful combination.

7.The multiplayer mode currently supports 4-person split-screen combat.

PS: The game contains slight pornographic content, but it does not reach the adult limit. I personally do not exclude adult games, but this game does not break through the restrictions.

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