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About Star Zeal 4x

Game description

Star Zeal is an open ended space based 4x strategy and rpg hybrid with a sprinkling of survival elements.

-Explore a whole galaxy, including procedural and handmade star clusters like our own with the Sol system in it. There are also hand made starting scenarios including faction related star clusters, solar systems and planets.
-Find and exploit rare and lush planets, dangerous black holes and other anomalies not for the faint of heart.

Even as a space fairing empire, you will be a small part of an immense game world, churning and moving along with or without you.

Faction/Empire building:
-Unlike more conventional 4x strategy games, there is no conquest meta in Star Zeal. You are free to role play your faction. Factions have their own issues, ideologies and motivations to deal with. These can vary from formidable empires to roving marauders and even isolationists who want nothing more than to stay away from everyone else in their corner of the universe.
-Go on an adventure with your faction and make your own story along the way. Everything including characters and ships will have history, depending on what they do or did in the past and their personalities.
-A bit of survival to go along with the adventuring. Your people will have to be defended from all manner of enemies and their sometimes varying requirements for sustenance met.
-The end goals of each leader and their faction, created procedurally, or pre-made will be highly variable. Depending on what you and or the AI decide.
Each playable main faction will be uniquely made and asymmetrical. The one aspect that can be shared is to survive as a people in the final frontier

Characters and RPG mechanics:
-The player has a main character representing them, who can be given orders to the same way other characters are. Your character is also customizable and can die, and be replaced by successors.
-Characters will have special abilities and can even attain and use special items.
-The AI are also lead by unique generated characters who's personalities will affect both yours and their faction in all manner of ways including diplomacy, tech generation and war. They can also be encountered in full 3d tactical engagements.
-Multiple roles for your leaders/characters including commanders, captains, governors, agents and civilians.

Full 3d view and relative realism in space.
-Star Zeal features a full 3d play area including star clusters and positions in the galaxy have verticality.
-Extremely vast and mostly realistic distances and sizes for objects. You can get lost and run out of fuel, so be careful.
-Full 3d ships and tactical engagements.
-Real time and changeable game speeds.

Unique ships:
-Ships are one of the main stars of the show, each ship that has been built will be unique not merely the design. Each ship will have its own history depending on what it has been through. Ships also have their own cargo

Detailed colonies and resources.
-Each population of your faction is counted as an individual within it, required for generation of leaders, soldiers, scientists and crew for ships.
-Logistics, resources are not abstracted completely, they are moved to location where they are used for manufacturing.

Procedural tech and research:
-The research tree is dynamic/non linear with which you will generate your own techs. There is essentially no tech tree, but paths created by the players actions including the abilities of scientists you have assigned to them.
-Use a dizzying array of weapon types, from conventional lasers and missiles to mind bending anti matter mines. All of which depends on how you craft/research them using your factions resources including scientists.

About me:
I'm just a guy who wants to make fun and interesting games for people to enjoy. Not much else to say really.

System requirements

  • Processor: i5
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: 2GB
  • Processor: i7
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM

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