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Release date

25 Sep 2013


Zeolite Studios Inc.

About Steel Storm A.M.M.O.

Game description

Steel Storm: A.M.M.O. - Armored Mechanized Mobile Operations (or SS: AMMO in short) is a fast-paced competitive arena shoot-em-up. Set in the Steel Storm universe, and an updated Japanese anime-inspired sci-fi world, you will get to pick an avatar* to represent yourself as well as to choose a hovertank to do battle with. Get in your mobile armor or hovertank and join either the Royal Interstellar Armored Corp (RIAC) or Separatist Union (SU). Pick from a list of available battlefields* located across the Steel Storm universe, and prepare to engage your friends in fun and frantic MOBA-styled battlefests. Come form a brigade with your friends and achieve glory in battle today with Steel Storm: A.M.M.O.! * Starred features are upcomingKey features Engage in frantic battlefests with up to 10 players online while you escort your minions and take down enemy turrets Addictive MOBA action gameplay Skill matters - become the best pilot! Interact with the development team and help improve the game! Upcoming features Unique maps depicting military installations, frozen wastelands, junkyards, desert worlds, and more Japanese inspired artwork featuring a host of interesting character avatars to choose from Customize your vehicle to be fast, strong, or anywhere in between (more vehicles upcoming) 16 player maps (eventually)

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